TNReady On the Road Bell Ringers + Student Motivation

GaugeHow are you gauging readiness for the upcoming TNReady tests? For a test as rigorous as TNReady, it starts with texts and questions that are painstakingly aligned to what students will see on the test. From the sentence starter of the question to meaningful distractors, aligned questions will ensure students have truly mastered the standards.

Checkered-Flag.pngEngaging students and making learning meaningful, even in spite of tests like TNReady, matters too. When students articulate their goals, why they matter, and think about how their goals/dream relate to the larger context of the world, they are genuinely happy and more inclined to be engaged.

TNReady On the Road Bell Ringers and Student Motivation is a bundle that can be used throughout the semester to teach, review, and motivate in preparation for the TNReady ELA Assessment.

Centered around the theme of being “On the Road” of life, this bundle include a Student Log Book and teacher PPT featuring:

  • 50 RL, RI, and L questions aligned to TNReady standards for middle grades ELA
  • PPT also includes 5 motivational written exercises for students in response to inspiring videos
  • Student log book with all passages, designated spaces for motivational written responses, and a log to include all answers and explanations


This bundle is ready to use in your classroom today thanks to several built-in features with the teacher in mind. The PPT features an extensive answer guide cheat sheet for teachers. This table includes quick links to each question and passage, the question type, the aligned standard, and the correct answer.


One question is included on each slide. Grammar (Language) questions include a passage just like students will see on TNReady. RI and RL questions are aligned to a passage that is included in their Log Book and on a slide in the PPT.


The motivational written responses start by viewing a video that students take notes while watching. After the video, students reflect in writing. These videos focus on motivation, inspiration, and goal setting in contexts that are accessible for middle schoolers.

This semester-long bundle will get your students ready for TNReady while keeping your focus on the longer journey of life and beauty of learning! Get the bundle on Middle School Writer’s Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

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