Back to School >> Lessons, Units, & More for Middle Grades ELA & TNReady

UntitledI hope you are enjoying your last days of summer as much as I have recently! The lazy days of sitting by the pool with a good book are winding down, and I’m happy to share with you that my TPT Store is now featuring several ‘Back to School’ and ‘TNReady’ lessons/materials.

Designing curriculum and aligning curriculum to our accountability structures is a hobby that I really enjoy when I have more time (ie summer). It has been really interesting to dig into the new TNReady curriculum; it’s much more rigorous than I expected.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 2.03.28 PM
TPT Store & Featured Back to School/ TNReady Products

Below is an overview of the resources that will be most helpful in getting you ready for back to school and the TNReady curriculum. All of these resources are available on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

  • Back to School: Policies and Procedures for the Middle School Classroom. This pack includes a policies and procedures student notes, a separate teaching guide with tips/tricks, a quiz, homework/pencil logs, and annotations on all documents (through Microsoft Comments) showing how to implement in YOUR classroom.


  • Why Read: Back to School Reading Investment PPT. This newly revised PPT is my FAVORITE way to kick off the year in my ELA classroom. It is designed to be a student driven discussion about the importance of reading based upon SHOCKING stats about reading’s correlation to successes and failtures in life. Scripted questions and key points are included in the notes. 


  • TNReady Need to Know: Resources and Test Overview.This is a PPT presentation I compiled based on months of research about what the TNReady test will look like. This includes dozens of resources available to teachers to build vocabulary, measure text complexity, and evaluate rigor in a teacher-friendly format. 


  • TN Ready Item Sampler Alignment for Middle School ELAThis is a 17-page document that I’ve been working on ALL summer. It includes EVERY question released on the Item Sampler for 7th Grade ELA, question types, standards, numbered steps to teach the skill, and notes about challneges students may face in learning the skill. If you had to choose one product from this list, this is the one that will save you the most time & help with unit planning + scope and sequence design.


  • TNReady Main + Central Idea Introduction and PracticeThis is a GREAT introductory lesson for teaching Main + Central Idea that uses a rigorous, vocabulary-rich text called Plastic Ocean by Susan Casey. This foundational lesson will allow students to begin analyzing rhetorical devices and author’s craft.  


I’m also in the process of finishing up these products, so keep checking my store because they will be up soon!

  • TNReady Middle School Year-Long Bell Ringers (sneak peek below)


  • Greek and Latin Morphemes: Sailing the Greek and Latin Word Sea (sneak peek below)


  • Rhetorical Devices Analysis
  • Writing Analytical Summaries (for the Writing Portion of TN Ready)
  • Comparative Analytical Summaries
  • Grammar Guru: Teaching Spiraled Grammar for TNReady

As always, I’m extra grateful to my store followers, and I hope my products make your teaching job easier and more fun. Please reach out if you have questions, product requests, or ideas about how to improve products after you tried them out!

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